First post

September 8, 2007

So I’m in the process of installing Ubuntu. Seemed as good a time as any other to start a blog. This is the first time I’m installing Linux with a real intent to switch over, we’re going to see how that goes — the start is not all-that-great: although the installation including the once-dreaded partitioning went smoothly, the system completely froze within 10 minutes. Hope it was just a first breath hiccup. I’m now downloading kubuntu-desktop, because it didn’t occurred to me beforehand that maaaybe Kubuntu had its own website where it could be downloaded directly without having to go through the gnome desktop first… Tss, tss.

I might also switch to Kubuntu on my laptop, later on. It’s not going to solve all the issues I’ve been having with it, but having a different look-and-feel might uplift my mood when I use it. I don’t complain too much about it because I know I just created my own hell by installing the 64bits version, but it just feels wrong, to have 2 processors under the hood and not try using them as fully as possible.

Ok, Kdm has finished downloading and installing, I probably need to restart the computer. Gonna do that, then mount my windows partition and start transferring all my crap over here…!


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