Upgrading to 7.10

October 22, 2007

I upgraded the desktop to Ubuntu 7.10 without any problem. The web was very slow at first but I remembered the issue when I was trying to get the Wireless to work on the laptop, so I disabled ipv6 on Firefox, and once I could browse the Web at a reasonable speed this post from Ubuntu Forums solved the problem for the rest of the system. I think. I didn’t notice a lag on the other apps I use that require Internet access anyway.

Didn’t see any huge difference otherwise. My graphic card won’t accept the visual effects, and still no love for the printer. As opposed to Feisty, it is now detected and the drivers are there without me having to download and alien things, but when I try to print anything the document stays in the queue and the printer remains silent. I’ll really have to look into it, because I’m printing lecture notes basically every day and having to reboot under Windows to do so is annoying… I don’t know where to start but I might use a part of the bank holiday weekend to figure that out 🙂

On another note, I jumped through the roof when I saw that Joel Spolsky’s FogBugz World Tour was coming to Dublin! And on a Wednesday morning, when I have that boring lecture I already studied before, so I don’t even have to feel too guilty about skipping! Then I remembered I was a student, therefore unlikely to be interesting as an audience as I can’t buy the product just yet. Still… An opportunity to hear Joel Spolsky speaking. I’m in a period “Better regret something that you did rather than something that you didn’t do” lately, so I thought to hell with it and I registered (would have been really angry at myself if it filled up while I was busy being undecided). In the end, one of the final questions of the register form has a “Student” check box when asking about occupation so I don’t even have to worry about this any more. Now if they decide they’d rather focus on people with some sort of influence and a budget, they can email me.

Looking forward to the event 😀


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