Installing the Canon LBP-1120 printer

October 26, 2007

Since I switched to Ubuntu, I’ve battled to get my printer to work. The workaround until today was “rebooting under Windows” but that was… “not ideal,” to hiss an euphemism through my teeth. I had good hopes when I found this how-to, but… nope. Got the drivers installed, printer sort of detected, but it did nothing when I tried to print something.

Then came Ubuntu Gutsy, with “Fully automatic printer installation.” I knew better than get overexcited about it, but still. I hoped. It was useless and it still didn’t work but well, hope’s good. *_*

So this morning I went back to a couple of threads I’d bookmarked on Ubuntu-Forums… That led me to an not-maintained-anymore custom driver that didn’t work… Then led me to someone’s new version of that driver, that didn’t work… and blablablablabla until THIS POST, on the French Ubuntu Forums. Hahaha. The script worked! I printed a real test page! Then I thought I’d rerun the script but change “810” into “1120” because, well, that’s the number of my printer.

So of course, from that point, everything stopped working I tried removing what I did, rerunning the old script, removing everything then running the script again, etc, etc, etc for hours… until I saw a post “reboot the computer and the printer.” And now it works. With the right model number. I win! Thank God I was in a “stubborn bitch” day. 😉 Can go get food with my mind at peace now… And then start doing what I was supposed to do today.


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