October 29, 2007

Ah well, this blog is sort of useless at the moment. I remember reading on a mailing-list that it didn’t matter if you were a newbie, ’cause newbier-newbies can still benefit from whatever you have to say but… I don’t contribute anything at all here, the stuff I’m talking about anybody with some Google-fu skills could have found.

Anyhoo… I’m reading up the logs of the Ubuntu Open Week and it’s damn interesting. I’m really glad they did this. It’s like missing a conference but still being able to get the essence of the content, I like it.

I think I’m going to read up the Ubuntu How to Contribute pages very carefully after that. I’d like to be more actively involved in open source and I’m really into Ubuntu lately. I’m thinking, maybe find how I can get to work on minor tiny bugs, the sort that doesn’t require changing one line in 50 files to fix… I really like hunting for bug roots, but in a new system probably written in a language I don’t use that much yet, I don’t want to kill my enthusiasm by aiming at overwhelming problems. >:)


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