November 20, 2007

University is getting pretty crazy, but more interesting at the same time (although it may very well be that my ability to tune out the boring stuff is becoming better). Assignments are flooding in! I don’t have as much time as I’d like to read blogs and the open source articles I was reading before life got a bit too overwhelming. Hope to catch up at Christmas time (…yeah, right). I’m starting a course on PostgreSQL with LinuxChix too 🙂 Probably tomorrow morning, what with the time difference. Another thing to fit in the schedule but I’m pretty motivated, I’ve pretty much stuck to MySql until now (…and Access depending on what companies I work in were using) and this is the perfect occasion to learn something new.

What else? I went to Joel Spolsky’s talk a couple of weeks ago as planned and it was quite good. A bit disappointed that it wasn’t more directly about the software process but at the same time it was to be expected, and it’s actually integrated in the demo. Sort of. In any case it blew my mind — it was painful to have to take the bus back to DCU directly after that, to go to a more… “cluttered” view of the software process in a lecture.

Those are the news! I’m looking into JBoss for an EJB project I have to develop for a module. Hope it’s going to be good, I wasn’t too impressed with the EJB Server we used in the labs.


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