SSH follow-up

December 8, 2007

So last Friday I installed openssh-server on my desktop, and by Sunday some Chinese guy tried to break in. Tons of username like “admin” “sales” “office” then techie stuff, e.g. “mysql” “tomcat” “apache” and finally a lot of random guys names. To reduce the risks, I figured the first step was to change the port, then do something so that only my username can login.

I found this article when I began my research, which seems like a good starting point. I keep googling around and tweaking when I have a few minutes and an Internet connection at hand. It’s really interesting, I might buy myself the O’Reilly book on SSH as a Christmas gift or something (…since the Canonical store refused my payment for what I ordered and doesn’t answer my emails about it). There’s a lot of stuff I want to try but first I’d like to understand them more.

Much fun in perspective! 😉

…Otherwise I’ve bought Code Craft yesterday, and though I’m only getting started, I really like what I’m reading up to now.


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