December 18, 2007

I installed Subversion on my desktop last Sunday, mixing the approach in this tutorial with stuff from the Subversion book (which I intend to fully read in the coming weeks, good stuff!). The tutorial on its own didn’t cut it for me because I program from my laptop just as often as from the desk box, so now I shouldn’t have to scratch my head any more as to where is the latest version of my code. There’ll probably be some problems with the University firewall comes next February but I’ll deal with it then. I’ve started reading the O’Reilly book on SSH and port forwarding might do the trick. I’m taking that one with me on the plane so I’ll know more tomorrow!

I’m such a sucker for O’Reilly books, can’t wait to be back from my Christmas holidays so I can use their “3 books for the price of 2” discount. I want to buy the Llama book on Perl, the PHP Cookbook and I’m not too sure about the 3rd, probably an Apache book. The one that’s the closest to what I want is pretty outdated though, and I’m not sure I know enough to really benefit from a cookbook.

I’ll see.

To go back to svn, I’m not too sure I chose the best design for my infrastructure — created a user ‘svn’ with close to no privileges that hosts my repositories, and is in charge of the cron that launches the svnserve daemon. It’s working fine, I’ll see in the long run what was wise and not-so-wise in doing it this way.


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