Girl Geek Dinners

March 2, 2008

I went to the first Ireland Girl Week dinner last Wednesday night and I had a great time, although I wasn’t really able to talk about tech stuff, since the 7 people around me were working at Microsoft and I wasn’t in the mood to fight/argue. There was a couple of gasps when I mentioned I used Linux, and the temperature dropped a few degrees after I said something about OpenOffice (answer: “It’s just a copy.” — I need to prepare a neutral way to present my opinion next time this happens), but the people I spoke with were all very cool and it’s a good way to put things in perspective.

Overall a great night and I’m definitely looking forward to the next event.

What I have problems coming to terms with, is how hostile the reactions of people around me have been. I’d expected some teasing, since I’ve given up on my classmates sharing my passion for programming and other geeky things, but I was surprised by the harshness of the slagging. The looks and remarks… I don’t get why people would feel so strongly about something they obviously don’t give a damn about. Or maybe they just don’t care how their comments are received.

Anyway. I’ll keep trying to make sense of that piece of human behaviour in the background, but for now time to go back to Perl, and do the exercises of the latest chapter I read!


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