Git and Mail::Box thread issues

August 9, 2008

I’m touching to a lot of stuff lately. I’ve become a huge, MASSIVE fan of Git, to the point where I’m pulling out old projects with joy because now they’re hosted somewhere on Git and it means I get to use it whenever I commit. Eh. Nuts. I’m also tip-toeing around the idea of looking closer at Git’s code and perhaps try to contribute a little, sharpen my crappy-crappy C skills but… er, there’s one mailing-list with 100 messages/day and I can’t deal with it at the moment, the Contributing documentation all link back to messages on the ML and the Documentation in the code doesn’t help me a lot. I have to look harder. I’ve started using Mutt (absolutely not proficient at all with it ATM, but as I become more and more reluctant to touch a mouse or a touchpad that’s my way of dealing with hand-moving laziness). When I’m better at it and learn how to filter well, I plan to subscribe to the ML and get a feel for the community and how things are done. Maybe it’ll go nowhere, maybe it will, I look forward to it in any case.

Otherwise I’m also working on a Perl script dealing with Mailboxes that’s giving me a bit of trouble with threads. From what I can tell, although the box is well-formed (and god knows that by now I’ve read a lot of mail RFCs and seen a fair share of properly and improperly formed mboxes) sometimes the parent message in a thread shows as a reply to one of its own children. There’s no reference, no reply-to in the parent, and there *are* reply-to and/or a reference field in the child, but still it shows first. Even when I don’t use my code but the theadToString method of Mail::Box::Thread::Node, the parent appears as a child so I’m tempted to think “Not my fault!” but I’d still like to deal with it, one way or another and er, the Mail::Box module is robust and strongly tested so it’s more likely there’s something obvious I’m missing. Irritating, been smashing my head against this one for a quite a few hours now.

And with no solution, I can’t give myself the reward of going through another round of the Git Experience 😦 (I’m like an addict, it’s crazy.) Sometimes I feel guilty I get so enthusiastic about stuff… Other times I think, why not? It seems this is how I learn best and most, and sane people can stay away if they’re afraid it’s contagious.

Ok, one last round of skimming through RFC 2822 and I give up on this one for the day.


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