And all the threading problems were solved, and all was good

August 12, 2008

OTOH, there *is* something to be said for avoiding the Not-Invented-Here syndrome and reusing great work done by smart people. Hey. So the jwz algo Perl implementation works and solves my problem, of course 🙂

Then my crappy, painfully limited, excruciatingly expensive 3G connection decided that I wasn’t deserving of an IP anymore after making this discovery last night, so I can only post this morning rather than adding a simple edit.

I still have to adapt some stuff to deal with Mail::Box::Thread::Node and Mail::Message in parallel (…or remove the former completely) but that’s gonna be ok. I see the light! And well, I’m sure there’ll be other future opportunities to become an expert at handling mail header issues 🙂

In the sweet light of morning I can’t believe that I thought for even a second that there was something NOT on CPAN. Maybe I should get my brain checked.

UPDATE: Not so perfect.


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