I’m currently studying in Dublin (Ireland) for a Master in Software Engineering. Got a degree in Computer Systems before that. I’ve switched to Linux not so long ago, so most of my time since then has been spent trying out things and squeaking at all the cool stuff I can do. I mainly use Ubuntu but I try out other distributions on a old (and noisy) box as well.

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What with the weird blog title? Well, often I tend to get stuck on names — taking ages to decide on a name or title and then giving up on the forum, blog, thing, whatever. This time I thought I’d be fast about it. I picked a book on my desk, which happened to be on poisons, opened it randomly and chose the coolest sounding poison name on the page (…it was a choice between Akee and Water hemlock, really). My apologies to those who come here actually looking for information on akee fruits. I don’t know how open they need to be in order to be harmless or dangerous, sorry. If you’re not sure, you probably shouldn’t eat it. The symptoms were not cool sounding.

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